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Dog Training Collars

  1. Remove the battery cover from the unit.
  2. Place the battery into the unit, ensuring that it's placed in the correct way around.
  3. Adjust the collar to fit your dog and then fit with the prongs under your dog's neck.
  4. The unit will automatically bleep and the red LED light will illuminate when activated.  

Technical Issues Help

The Unit Does Not Activate 

Please note that the red LED light on the unit will not illuminate unless the unit is triggered. Therefore if the light does not come on when the battery is inserted, this is completely normal and is designed this way to save battery power.

If you shake the unit, you will hear a rattling sound. This is the inbuilt motion sensor.

  1. Place the single LED (included with the unit, found in the bag with the battery) with one wire on each of the metal prongs.
  2. Remove your hand from the LED so your not touching any of the metal.
  3. Make a loud high pitched noise. This can be done by clapping your hands hard right next to the collar or you can scream at the collar (It may seem a little strange but it's quite hard to set these off unless your a dog due to the voice recognition feature).
  4. The first two times the collar should bleep. The third time (as long as you set it off in a short space of time) the single LED should flash.
  5. If this isn't working it may be due to low battery power if these have been used. The first couple of days use allot of battery due to the level of training required.
  6. If any issues persist please contact us through the selling channel that you made your purchase. 
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