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Welcome to the Xpress Retail dedicated product support website.

Here you can find instructions for the products you have purchased. To start, use the bar above to select the product that you need instructions for.

If you need further assistance or are experiencing any issues, please contact us through the website that you made your purchase from. We always provide free support to help you with your purchases and we hope that you will purchase from us again in future.

At Xpress Retail we are working together with our customers to create a retail world where the health of the planet is the number one priority.

  • We reduce waste by cutting wasteful packaging and needless paperwork.
  • Our business electricity supplier is the leading generator of renewable energy.
  • We send over 99% of our products through Royal Mail services. Royal Mail already runs routes to all UK homes daily. We refrain from using cheaper competitors that create the need for more vehicles on the road.
  • We only sell our goods online so we do not have to distribute all of our goods to shops. This leads to a large CO2 reduction compared to high street retailers. 


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